GIS Consulting

With 17 plus years of working in India and abroad, for clients varying from government to public sector to private, we have the knowledge and expertise to help and support you. We study the gaps and problem areas where location can help you solve your problems. We have 'know-how' and we are passionate about advising on solving real-world problems using spatial technologies (GIS). We are not here to just give you reports but to give you solution(s).


Mobile and Web spatial solution development

Though, we provide consultancy and show you what you can do to help your business using spatial technologies. We also have expertise in building web and mobile solutions. You can take out the worry of implementing the consultant's suggestions. We do it for you. We have experience, passion and skill of developing the tailor-made solution for your exact need. 


GIS Education Consultancy

Location is becoming important and new apps are coming up in the market everyday. Everyone wants to use the spatial technology but our institutions and curriculums are not ready to meet the industry needs. We fill the gap and make you industry-ready through our certificate courses. We provide GIS education consultancy to colleges to enhance their syllabus or just add that flavour through our specially designed courses to top-up the knowledge that you impart so that students from your institutions are not short of grabbing the job opportunity arising in the geospatial industry.


Our courses are designed after our long experience in IT (GIS) Industry to help the next line of workforce in preparing themselves for the corporate jobs.