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About GISUs


Our Experience

  After serving for 17 years in the IT (Spatial) industry, we decided to alter our direction. We realized that there is gap between what we are taught in schools and colleges and what industry expects. We believe that knowledge grows when shared. So now, we share and use our experience to bridge the gap and create a workforce ready to take up the challenge of using spatial technology for institutions and consumer products. Our training/teaching process is designed to empower students and your technical team in successfully harnessing the power of location. 


Our Approach

 Our consulting and training approach is find the gap between education and industry and prepare a roadmap to fill the gap. We also provide coursework, training as well as consultancy and train-the-trainers to hand-over the baton and spread the knowledge and not just create a monopoly over it. Our applicate development service includes a comprehensive consultancy to help identify the problem area and probable solutions. We produce a comprehensive report that includes a solution plan with milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also offer staff augmentation services with industry-ready workforce to put your spatial team to productivity instantly.  


Why Us?


We have knowledge. We have experience. We are eager to impart our knowledge and experience, whether it is in terms of education consulting, certificate course and trainings or the solution in terms of location based mobile apps to solve your business problems. We live GIS and so we understand the problems you face. We have learnt through the experience and have built a process to solve these problems. It is our passion which is driven through our skills and knowledge of the industry. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. Call us today.

GISUS Technologies Advantage

 GISUS assimilates local talent and resources with our global quality standards and innovation to deliver world-class quality solutions in GIS and IT. We, in conjunction with our business partners, continue to provide the GIS consulting services on which we built our reputation for excellence, which is our core business focus. In addition, we foster GIS education and awareness right from the school/college level in order to built a strong local GIS workforce to meet the local needs with world class industry standards. 

GISUS' distinction lies in delivering the innovative solutions tailored to customers need in alignment with the best industry practices in GIS. GISUS draws on its extensive skills, vast resource, and considerable know-how to manage large, complex projects for clients with many different business challenges, operating in a wide range of industry sectors.  

GISUS offers rich variety of services according to the requirements of the customer. GIS consultancy and professional services is our core strength and we draw on our vast company experience in delivering. We understand that with the rapidly changing technology and project requirements, looking for and hiring right resources is crucial. We offer:

  • GIS Projects & Consultancy
  • Mobile and Web GIS Solutions
  • GIS Manpower supply (workforce augmentation)
  • GIS/IT Seminar and events
  • SKILLPLUS: Career development & advancement  trainings

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