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SKILLPLUS – GIS Trainings for Students

GIS Skill Development Program


We are using this technology everyday through our mobile phones. When we use GoogleMaps to navigate through a route, we are using GIS. When we use Uber to book a cab, we are using GIS. When we order food from Swiggy and track our delivery, we are using GIS. 
GIS is geographic information system. It is a wide multidisciplinary science having various components. It works primarily on geographic location which gives spatial flavor to the data. GIS allows simple solutions but has enormous work done in the background. People are needed to do those tough jobs so that solution is made easy.
GIS is creating lots of job opportunities now in survey, analytics, mobility solutions, development and data management. Anyone can learn GIS. Are you excited to embark on a journey of a new career? Learn GIS from the experts.

Use of geospatial technology is growing at an unprecedented rate. A lot of startups are providing location based consumer apps and this is increasing the job opportunities in the geospatial industry.

We prepare GIS enabled workforce by offering certificate trainings in geospatial technologies. Students from the engineering colleges, geography departments in the universities and with IT education or additional diplomas can learn GIS through our courses specially designed for students at attractive and affordable fees.


Course Name – Career oriented GIS training
Minimum batch size – 10
Registration fees – 5000 Rs
Batch period – 1 month
Classes – 3 times a week

Eligibility and other terms for students:

  • Student registering for GIS certificate course should carry a copy of ID card.
  • Student is required to have his own personal laptop for the training purpose.
  • Student should be able to attend all the classes for best benefits.
  • Students are required to pass the test conducted after completion of the course to obtain certificate.
  • Student trainee is expected to have basic knowledge and hands-on experience of using computer, internet and normal functions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. All prices are in INR (Indian Rupees) per attendee/trainee and applicable for in-house (GISUS Training Facility, Jaipur) trainings only. Additional travel & lodging cost shall be levied for trainings conducted out of Jaipur.
2. Training timings are 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM for every training day.  
3. Student trainee shall be required to pay 100% course fee in advance to confirm the registration.
4. Full payment must be made before commencement of training.