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Preparing GIS Workforce

After having worked in the GIS Industry for 17 years, on both sides of the table, service provider and government authority, we have realized that it is difficult to find the right resources. Our educational institutions teach theory and force students to mug up the subjects and score marks; however, as soon as the reality hits them in the job market, they find themselves dumbfounded. Students are unable to find a match between their education and the demand of the market.

We are bridging this gap by identifying such areas of knowledge, where few steps of technical and soft skills learning can prepare them for the job market. We are pioneering in the niche area of career advancement in geospatial arena by preparing a workforce ready to accept the challenge right from the first day. We are catering to the needs of the evergrowing market which utilizes location. We leverage the power of location and create solutions.

More than ever, today, the location component has become vitally important to everyone. Unlike earlier, where GIS was being used only as a decision making tool by the government bodies; today, GIS has reached in the hands of consumers. Ola, Uber, Zomato, Google Maps, Swiggy and many such mobile apps are giving the convenience of using location for comfort and ease of demanding services. Service providers are using it to deliver their products in the fastest way. Fleet management is being done and vehicles are being tracked using GPS devices. Location has become the soul of the technology products today. The demand of people who can understand such technology and work for it, is growing.

We are inspired with this trend and are taking steps to match with the change and deliver a workforce which is ready to embrace this demand and deliver. We conduct trainings starting from the introductory courses to the advanced courses for the students to understand geospatial technology. We deliver trainings for the executives from the corporate and government body to advance their career in this field. We provide GIS consultancy, GIS Education Consultancy, GIS products (mobile and web solutions) and customised trainings as per the customer’s needs.

Kindly visit us at our website – www.gisustechnologies.com or our corporate office at 3-GSP, Gajsinghpura, Ajmer Road, Jaipur. Call us 0141-2812163 or drop us an email with your enquiry at info@gisustechnologies.com